Here is a list of frequently asked questions and how to solve them.

Wallet related:

  1. Where do i find the newest wallet to download?
    You can find the newest wallet releases at or on our website

  2. My coins are not showing up on my wallet, what do i do?!
    Make sure that your wallet is fully synced, coins may not show up until the entire syncing process is completed.

  3. My wallet doesn't sync / is stuck during the sync, how do i fix this?!
    There could be many reason why a wallet stopped syncing or isn't syncing. To fix this, go to your helix folder (on windows click on the windows button -> type %appdata% and click enter -> open the helix folder ->) delete all files OTHER THAN helix.conf, masternode.conf and wallet.dat. Never delete those 3 files or you may lose your coins and wallet settings.

  4. My wallet isn't finding any connections, how can i find some?
    Usually connections are found by them self after a few minutes. If your wallet still didn't find any connections, you could go to the debug window inside the wallet and type "addnode onetry" (without the "'s of course), this should make your wallet connect directly to a node.

Project related:

  1. How can i mine helix?
    Helix is/was only minable during the PoW phase. The PoW phase lasts from block 1 till block 90.200. After block 90.200 helix continued as a Proof of Stake + Masternode project where it is no longer possible to mine coins, but only stake them.

  2. Where do i find the communication channels of helix / places for support?
    We have several channels of communication, however, discord is our most active channel. You can join our discord by clicking the following link