Budget proposal, April 2019

The Helix team is working hard on releasing new features such as the Helix Mobile Wallet, and overall wallet updates. We are also generating funds to list our project on new exchanges such as Crypto-Bridge. In the meanwhile we are working with multiple marketeers to promote our project into their channels and to their followers. However, to make sure that we have enough funds to be able to keep these expenses going, we created this budget proposal with the following distribution.

As stated in our project details, the budget proposal will never exceed more than 10% of the block reward per block. In this case that would bring our monthly budget to 64.800 HLIX (1.5(10% of 15 per block)*1440 blocks a day (1 per minute) *30 days (~30 days in a month)).

The distribution will be as followed:

• 30% development - 19440
• 40% marketing - 25920
• 10% savings (such as exchange funds) - 6480
• 10% team payout - 6480

There are 2 proposals for April, please ignore the APR2019 one, and only vote for APR2019-2